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Greater Columbia County Republican Women

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T  he Greater Columbia County Republican Women's (GCCRW) mission is to engage women of Columbia and surrounding Counties in promoting the Republican principles of limited government, lower taxes, a strong military defense,and personal property rights.

Our objectives are to:

A. Promote an informed electorate through political education and activity.

B. Increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government through active political participation.

C. Facilitate cooperation among Republican Womenís Clubs

D. Foster loyalty to the Republican party and to promote its ideals and candidates, including non-partisan elections.

E. Act as centralized resource and coordinated voice for the Greater Columbia County Republican Women's club.

F. Support objectives and policies of the Columbia County Republican Party, the Georgia Federation of Republican Women (GFRW), and the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW), and the election of Republican nominees.


President- YeSun Wiltse
1st Vice President- Pricilla Bence
2nd Vice President- Pam Lightsey
Secretary- Carolyn Schneider
Treasurer- Maria Shoemaker

committee chairs

Membership Chair- Vacant
Special Events Chair- Kimberly Smith
Legislative Chair- Heather Martin

president's message

Greater Columbia County Republican Women (GCCRW) is a group of grassroots conservatives who work diligently to preserve our Constitutional Republic.  Join us and letís work to win the White House in 2016. 

 The vast majority of Americans are decent people who are busy making livings and raising families. Too many people think it is a virtue to stay away from politics, which enables a vocal minority to trample over a silent majority.

 We need to change that attitude. Whether we like it or not, politicians will determine our future. We preserved the Republic for more than 200 years, but it seems we are destined to become a dictatorship if we donít take control of the political process at the national level soon.

 We refuse to give up without fighting. How about you? Letís work together to elect a Constitutional Republican to represent the United States of America.   

 Donít give up. Our freedom and our childrenís freedom are at risk.  We must defeat the Democrat Party whose actions show that they are against everything that is considered decent and moral to most Americans.

 We would appreciate your support. Please download your MEMBERSHIP FORM HERE.



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